Heat video: Bam Adebayo mercilessly sends kid flying at camp
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Video: Heat’s Bam Adebayo mercilessly sends kid flying at camp

Bam Adebayo, Heat

Summer is usually the time of the year where most NBA players hold their basketball youth camps, and Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo is no different. He recently held the second installment of his Bam Youth Basketball Clinic in Miami, which saw at least 30 participants who are between third to 12th grade.

Just like other NBA players though, Adebayo showed no mercy to his campers. Aside from blocking shots, the 22-year-old also broke some ankles.

Of course, Adebayo is not the first to do something like that this summer.  Houston Rockets star James Harden made headlines recently when he dropped a youth camper to his feet — to the joy of the other kids watching. The same goes for Trae Young, though the Atlanta Hawks guard didn’t so as far as to embarrassing the kids.

The good things is, the kids already know what it takes to be an NBA player. Adebayo and the rest of the NBA players who spearhead basketball clinics always aim to prepare kids who want to choose basketball as their professional career — including being on the wrong end of highlights.

For Adebayo though, these camps are more than just teaching kids, as a significant part of the profit he received here will go to his charity — BAM Foundation — which primarily supports single mothers.