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HGA responds to grading fake Patrick Mahomes autograph card

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, HGA

Owning an autographed Patrick Mahomes graded card is certainly something to be proud of. Those who are fortunate to own one know that their prized treasure is protected and authenticated. But recently, an issue popped out that deals more with the latter.

Weeks ago, a 2020 Panini Playbook Signatures card with a stickered auto of Patrick Mahomes was encased in a slab with a gem mint 9.5 grade by HGA. The thing is, the graded card itself is a counterfeit. Thanks to the timely effort of Cardporn, the matter has reached the grading company and they have released a statement addressing the said issue.

In a post shared by Cardporn, HGA President Tyler Hitt explained that they employ different specialists to authenticate and grade vintage and modern cards. These were passed back and forth, resulting in a mix-up and the counterfeit Patrick Mahomes card escaping their attention. Hitt added that they are now changing their process to identify fake cards better.

It gets better for HGA fans from that point on. Hitt stated that HGA is ready to purchase any counterfeit card they have graded at the perceived value. This means that the graded Patrick Mahomes card owner will be compensated for the trouble.

Hitt ends the statement by saying that HGA will discontinue their case break giveaway promos and more videos detailing their AI process will be released soon. The former caused some issues, which will give way to a new case break giveaway process soon, and the latter was decided due to mixed feedback, Hitt added.

In any case, this move by HGA is definitely the right one. Doing so will help improve the trust of collectors in their service more. In the end, the whole sports card industry will get to learn from this mishap and get better as a whole.