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Angels’ Shohei Ohtani hits 500-foot blast in Home Run Derby batting practice

Home Run Derby, Angels, Shohei Ohtani, All-Star Game. MLB

The Home Run Derby has everybody’s attention and Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani has been the marvel of the majors all season long. During batting practice prior to the Home Run Derby, Ohtani absolutely demolished a baseball to deep, deep, right field. 

That ball was smoked and almost left the ballpark. Sure, it is at Coors Field and everybody knows about the altitude, but nonetheless, that was a monster shot.

He almost made history and the Derby had yet to start.

The Angels sensation is the top seed in the Home Run Derby, the starting pitcher for the American League, AND batting leadoff for the American League. He does every single thing you could possibly ask for, and now he did this in batting practice.

Ohtani is literally a freak of nature. At the All-Star Break, he leads the MLB in home runs with 33 and has a five-home run lead over Vlad Guerrero Jr. and Fernando Tatis Jr. For what it’s worth, Tatis gave some compliments on Ohtani during the media session on Monday.

Ohtani is a marvel, and the Angels are lucky to have him and Mike Trout, even though Trout is on the injured list. Either way, enjoy the brilliance that is Ohtani, regardless of what people like Stephen A. Smith said.