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Dwight Howard recounts a hilarious Stan Van Gundy moment

dwight howard

Dwight Howard spent his best years wearing an Orlando Magic jersey with Stan Van Gundy at the helm. Recently, he recounted a very funny moment he had with his former head coach.

As posted by NBA on ESPN, Howard narrated a story — complete with a Van Gundy impression — about how the coach wanted him to get three more blocks.

He also gave a glimpse on how Van Gundy could be humorous, albeit in a sarcastic way, as illustrated in his encounter with Marcin Gortat. Check out the video below for Howard’s storytelling skills:

After which, Howard was asked how his relationship was with Van Gundy. During their time in Orlando, the two were involved in some drama. Howard cleared all such rumors and said that he and Van Gundy never had a bad relationship:

“We never really had a bad relationship. You know, he’s just really intense when it comes to basketball. When he loses, if you’ve ever seen Stan after a loss, you’d be like, this guy is crazy.

But other than that, Stan is awesome. The stuff that he’s done politically has been great. But I have no issues with Stan. We went through that thing in Orlando and I think a lot of people blew it out of proportion.”

It’s been years since the two parted ways. Van Gundy moved to Detroit but is now out of the job once more. Howard, for his part, jumped from team to team. But after all those years apart, their memories of one another remain fond and true.