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Hornets’ Gordon Hayward’s painfully awkward college rap resurfaces amid free agency

Gordon Hayward, Hornets

Gordon Hayward is trying to please a new fan base after signing with the Charlotte Hornets last week. He may have made his job a lot harder after a snippet of him rapping during his Butler days resurfaced.

Hayward appears on a track with evidently a couple of friends or teammates and delivers some wonky, outdated bars on a slow tempo beat. As one commentator under the post said, “Glad he stuck to basketball”.

While Hayward didn’t have much of a career waiting on him in the music industry, he’s certainly made the most of securing the bag in the NBA. The 30-year old forward landed a massive four-year, $120 million deal with the Hornets in free agency. At the time, it’s viewed undisputedly as the most controversial contract of the offseason.

Prior to his injuries with the Boston Celtics, no one would argue that Hayward was worth being inducted into the $100million-plus club. Yet that was back in 2017, and times have definitely changed since then. The Butler standout has had two major injuries during his time with the Celtics, both of which required surgery that left him out of commission for an extended period of time.

He did have a productive season with the Celtics overall, but it concluded with an ankle sprain that he never fully recovered from. Even more, he’s admitted that his ankle that broke during his debut with the Celtics back in 2017 still has some nerve pain that truthfully may never heal.

Even so, he’s coming off a 17.5-point average last season while grabbing 6.7 rebounds and dishing 4.1 assists through 52 games.

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