Hornets news: Terry Rozier says there's no hate between him and ex-Celtics teammate Kyrie Irving
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Hornets’ Terry Rozier says there’s no hate between him and ex-Celtics teammate Kyrie Irving

Terry Rozier, Kyrie Irving

New Charlotte Hornets point guard Terry Rozier dispelled the myth that there is any animosity between him and former Boston Celtics teammate Kyrie Irving.

The man known as “Scary Terry” told Jonathan Abrams of Bleacher Report that he doesn’t hate Irving, and that he has been rather cool with him through free agency:

“A lot of people don’t know how great of a person he is. A lot of people think I hate Kyrie,” said Rozier. “And a lot of people think that me and Kyrie not cool, but we text, and I text him right before free agency. I sent him the eyes, and he sent the eyes right back, basically like you know what it’s going to be.”

This rumor started to catch fire after Rozier made an appearance on various ESPN platforms, speaking about the Celtics’ season after they were eliminated 4-1 by the Milwaukee Bucks. It became evident that Rozier wasn’t happy with how the season played out, but more than that bothered by how his future would shape up if he was to return to Boston, making it clear he wouldn’t return if the team planned to bring back the same personnel.

Some assumed that meant Rozier would not be back if Irving was still playing in Celtics green, given Terry’s success during the 2018 postseason when Irving was on the shelf with a knee injury.

As it turns out, there were no hard feelings between the two, just a whole lot of pent-up frustration building along with the losses the team suffered through a trying NBA campaign.