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Bills QB Josh Allen delivers honest take on Buffalo’s playoff showdown vs. Patriots

New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Mac Jones, Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is set for yet another pivotal test in his career, as he will meet AFC East rival New England Patriots in the AFC wild-card round.

The Bills and Patriots further developed their rivalry in the regular season, where they split both head-to-head meetings. The Patriots went old-school by running the football 46 times in their road Monday Night Football win over the Bills. However, Allen and company got the last laugh later in the month, as they secured a road victory against the Patriots that then moved them back into first place in the division.

Allen well recognizes the difficulties in defeating a team twice in a season, especially as not many have accomplished this feat against the Patriots-led Bill Belichick. In the big picture, as he explained during a press conference ahead of the game, turnovers may end up deciding on just which team will move on to the next round of the playoffs.

“Ball security is the number one priority going into this game,” Allen said. “Trying to end every drive with a kick. Playing a team three times in the season, we know each other extremely well. They know us, we know them, so it’s whoever can adjust quicker.

“Whoever can show a different look than we saw maybe the first go-around or the second go-around and throw a different wrinkle in again. That’s why coach Belichick is one of the, if not the, greatest coach of all time, just his ability to switch things up for a quarterback and make you see two different things.”

Ball security has been much in question over Allen’s career playoff performances with the Bills, as he has recorded four fumbles and one interception in four such games. Turnovers were not a theme for Allen in his clashes against the Patriots in the regular season, as he gave away the ball a mere one time.

The Bills are aiming to pull off a second consecutive deep run in the AFC playoffs.