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‘Is this real?’: Pat McAfee’s stunned live reaction to being named NFL Hall of Fame nominee

Pat McAfee, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Colts

Pat McAfee is a step closer to football immortality. The former NFL punter and kickoff specialist just learned during a live airing of The Pat McAfee Show that he has been nominated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and his reaction to it was as good as you could imagine.

Pat McAfee would later quip that he “did not play long enough to deserve that [the nomination,” but according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he is eligible. Otherwise, McAfee would not have read his name alongside the likes of fellow former special teamers Gary Anderson, Jason Elam, Jeff Feagles, Jason Hanson, John Kasay, Sean Landeta, Shane Lechler, Ryan Longwell, and Matt Turk.

Obviously floored and humbled by the nomination, Pat McAfee hilariously asked people to “don’t vote” him into the HOF.

“How does that even happen. Don’t [vote for me]. Vote for Shane Lechler. This is one of those things, vote for Shane Lechler. This is wild to be on this f*****graphic. Man, that’s wild. Let’s go. Holy f****. Don’t vote me in, but this is cool to even be acknowledged. Did not play long enough, did not have a big enough contribution to the game, but I am to cover the game every single day since then.”

Pat McAfee last played in the NFL in 2016 with the Indianapolis Colts, the only team he played for in his NFL career that spanned eight seasons. That means this would be his second year of eligibility because players must have at least last played five full seasons ago before being eligible for Pro Football Hall of Fame nomination.

Younger football fans would remember Pat MacAfee as a colorful off-the-field personality, but there was also a time that he was among the best in his position in the NFL. He was a two-time Pro Bowler and was selected into the First-Team AP All-Pro in 2014.