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‘It was 55 years ago, babe’: Pete Rose shoots down question about sexual misconduct allegation in return to Philadelphia

Pete Rose, Phillies

Pete Rose has officially made his return to the baseball field. Rose, who is the MLB’s all-time hits leader, has been banned for life from the MLB for over 30 years now, and had largely stayed away from the league as a result. He’s made a few attempts to become reinstated by the MLB, but has been denied each time.

Despite that, Rose was present for the Philadelphia Phillies alumni weekend that has taken place over the past couple of days, marking the first time he’s returned to a major league field in over 30 years. Rose received quite an ovation from the Phillies faithful for his return to the public eye, as Philadelphia celebrated their 1980 World Series team.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Rose was originally scheduled to be honored by the Phillies back in 2017, but those plans were scrapped when allegations of sexual misconduct were levied against Rose. When asked about those allegations in his recent return to Philadelphia, Rose offered a troubling take on those allegations, while avoiding the question entirely.

This certainly isn’t a good look for Rose as he looks to restore his severaly damaged reputation among MLB fans. Rose ignores the question and dismisses the issue altogether in only a few short words here, despite it being a valid concern. Does Rose think his situation has changed enough over the past five years to the point where he warranted a visit out to Citizens Bank Park?

Rose doesn’t seem to think much of these allegations, and for a guy who is continually trying to find his way back into the MLB, it certainly isn’t a great look. This is the first time we have seen Pete Rose near a baseball field in some time, and based on his response here, he may not be welcome back anytime soon.