Jaguars news: Nick Foles tells Jacksonville that the sky isn't falling after loss to Colts
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Nick Foles tells Jaguars that the sky isn’t falling after loss to Colts

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On Sunday, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles was back on the field for the first time since suffering a broken collarbone in Week 1, and while Foles posted solid individual numbers, completing 33 of his 47 throws for 296 yards, a couple of touchdowns and an interception, the Jaguars lost to the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 33-13.

Jacksonville fell to 4-6 with the loss and now sits a full two games behind the Colts and Houston Texans for first place in the AFC South, but Foles is not incredibly worried about it:

“I think the big thing is, ‘Don’t press,'” said Foles, according to John Oehser of the Jaguars’ team website. “It’s easy to press in this situation and think the sky is falling and the world’s over. It’s not. We’re blessed to play a game. The leadership will come from everybody because it will be looking at the film and being critical of yourself and then going out there and improving.

“It’s extremely hard [to not press] if you’re outside looking in, because you don’t understand how you can handle it. You lose a game and you get beat pretty good. It’s like, ‘How can a team bounce back?’ The guys in the locker room, their personalities and who they are, is going to dictate that.’”

Obviously, Foles is qualified to make this sort of statement, as he has beaten adversity before.

Two years ago, Foles, a member of the Philadelphia Eagles at the time, stepped in for an injured Carson Wentz late in the season and led the Eagles to their first-ever Super Bowl title. Then, last season, Foles once again relieved a hobbled Wentz during the second half of the year, and while Philadelphia didn’t get a championship out of it, it still managed to pull off an upset win over the Chicago Bears in the playoffs.

Of course, these Jags aren’t those Eagles, but they certainly have a fine leader in Foles to keep their heads up.