Jaguars news: Past employee thinks Shad Khan wants the Jags in London
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Past employee thinks Shad Khan wants the Jaguars in London

Shad Khan is the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Premiere League soccer club Fulham F.C., and one former employee things he wants to get both his teams in the same country. Khan is currently working on purchasing Wembley Stadium, which could be a potential new home for the Jaguars. Craig Kline served as the assistant director of Fulham F.C.. Kline says that while Khan publicly claims to want to keep the Jaguars in Florida, he is secretly making plans to move the team to London, where they can play in Wembley.

Kline told The Telegraph that Khan told him to keep quiet about his secretly developing plan to move the Jaguars to London by 2022.

“This is nothing more than the same ongoing nonsense and bogus claims made by a former employee who left the club in 2017. Nothing here merits a further response,” said Jim Woodcock, who is a spokesman for Khan.

In recent years, there have been a number of exhibition and regular season NFL games overseas. Talks of establishing a team in Europe has been a discussion that’s come up quite a few times. Various British media sources name Shad Khan as a figure that could very invested in making it happen. For now, it’s just speculation.

The Jaguars are 3-2, and are tied with the Tennessee Titans for the lead in the AFC South. They’d rather focus on become the sole divisional leaders, rather than a possible relocation in 2022. If Khan is planning this move, he’ll need an astonishing amount of support from other NFL franchises.