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Jaguars coach Urban Meyer reacts strongly to USC Trojans rumors

Urban Meyer, Jaguars, USC

USC fired head coach Clay Helton earlier this week and is searching for a quality replacement. Of course, current Jacksonville Jaguars boss Urban Meyer’s name came up as the next guy to take over the Trojans program. He has extensive experience at the college level and would likely get paid a bag of money to run USC. However, he quickly shut down any speculation that he would leave the Jaguars:

To be fair, it totally makes sense. Urban Meyer just got hired in the offseason by the Jags as they head into the Trevor Lawrence era. Why would he leave an NFL job for the NCAA after just a number of months? It does stand to reason that USC would show interest in him, though. After all, he coached in college for many years at Florida and Ohio State.

The Trojans will be looking for a successor to Helton right now but there is the possibility that Urban Meyer does head back to the NCAA if this coaching stint with the Jaguars doesn’t work out this season. It’s only September 15th, but if Lawrence and Jacksonville struggle to put wins on the board, Meyer could find himself in charge of a CFB program once again. But as for the USC job, it’s simply not happening.