Jason Collins is proud of the NBA for moving the All-Star game
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Jason Collins is proud of the NBA for moving the All-Star game

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A lot of NBA players, whether current ones or those who have played in the past, have given their thoughts and support to the league on their decision to move the 2017 All-Star weekend from Charlotte. One of them is the first openly gay NBA player, Jason Collins.

The 13-year NBA veteran, who last played for the Brooklyn Nets in 2014, recently took to Twitter and released this statement:

“As a member of the NBA family and as a gay man, I’m extremely proud to see the NBA take initiative and move the All-Star Game from North Carolina. Their decision is an extremely poignant one and shows that discrimination of any kind is not welcome in sports and is not acceptable in any part of our society. The NBA has set the best kind of precedent moving forward for all to follow.”

The mid-season showcase was originally scheduled to be hosted in Charlotte. However, due to a controversial legislature that was passed (House Bill 2), the NBA officially announced that the festivities will be moved else where.  

The bill “bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex” and “reserves the right to pass nondiscrimination legislation to the state government, saying state laws pre-empt any local ordinances,” according to a report made by CNN’s Tal Kopan and Eugene Scott.

Since the announcement was made, players such as Stephen Curry, Paul George, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony, among others, have chimed in on this move made by the league.

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