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VIDEO: Jazz star Donovan Mitchell clowns Rudy Gobert for hilarious Shaqtin’-a-Fool handles fail

Rudy Gobert Donovan Mitchell Shaq Shaqtin a fool Jazz

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert is known for many things on the basketball court. Showing off his fancy handles isn’t one of them.

The Frenchman tried to get tricky with it in the backcourt, pulling off a fancy behind-the-back dribble. The Jazz star clearly just wanted to test out his skills since there was no defender in sight to try to evade with the slick move.

Check out the Jazz big man’s funky fail here below:

In all fairness, Rudy Gobert actually nailed the dribble move. But he was probably stunned that he was able to pull it off, immediately looking for an outlet like he was holding a ticking time bomb. The flub got OKC Thunder guard Lu Dort chuckling from the sidelines. Even the Jazz broadcast team couldn’t help but laugh after Gobert’s brain fart play.

But perhaps the most hurtful jab comes from his partner in crime and fellow Jazz All-Star Donovan Mitchell. The sidelined star couldn’t help but react to Rudy Gobert’s Shaqtin-a-Fool moment.

It’s all fun and games for the Utah Jazz star, though. Gobert’s side was up huge on the Thunder and he probably just wanted to have a little fun with it before getting subbed out. We’ll give you a pass this time, Rudy.