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Jazz’ Donovan Mitchell name-dropped by senator during critical race theory bill battle

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Amidst Utah State Senate President Stuart Adams’ efforts to pass a resolution banning the teaching of critical race theory in Utah public schools, Utah Jazz star shooting guard Donovan Mitchell has engaged in a political pushback against the state Senate.

In a video posted on Twitter on Tuesday, Adams showed his displeasure with Mitchell’s actions, as well as other notable sports teams across Utah:

In the video, Adams stated:

“We’ve passed resolution trying to ban critical race theory, because the government wouldn’t put it on our call yesterday…I just got a text last night…Donovan Mitchell is not happy with us…We’ve got work to do to try to educate him and tell him what we’re doing, because I don’t think he understands with what happened.”

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Adams and the State Senate passed resolutions opposing the concept of critical race theory in response to governor Spencer Cox’s decision to decline including a bill banning critical race theory in a special legislature session back in May. In the article, Mitchell was also stated as having received quite a bit of ire from several Republicans since his stances became public.

CRT, an advanced academic concept that says the history of the U.S. is directly linked with racism, is one of several social issues that a coalition of NBA players, coaches, and owners, including Donovan Mitchell, are aiming to tackle as part of their push to get lawmakers in states across the United States to address social issues.

It’s an interesting conundrum, as Adams feels that he and other government officials need to do a better job at educating players like Donovan Mitchell on CRT, while Mitchell and said players are attempting to do just the opposite – educate the public on CRT.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Mitchell is not backing down. “Spida” liked a recent post on Twitter showing support for his actions.