Jazz news: Donovan Mitchell hints at potential signature shoes with Adidas
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Donovan Mitchell hints at potential signature shoes with Adidas

donovan mitchell

Utah Jazz phenom Donovan Mitchell is everywhere these days, it’s probably easier to say where he’s not at. And while his spectacular rookie campaign did not lead to a Rookie of the Year plum (or even the rare co-rookie honor), things are looking up for the 21-year-old. In fact, he may be the recipient of something that very few players (even superstars) are able to achieve.

The Jazz’s Twitter account recently shared a tweet featuring Mitchell in what looks to be a commercial shoot.

The short clip is vague and appears to have “actors” dressed up in jerseys by the Oklahoma City Thunder (who Mitchell and the Jazz dispatched in the first round) and Philadelphia 76ers (featuring his nemesis Ben Simmons), but it’s a little hard to tell whether it’s just Mitchell or he will be sharing the scene with other notable players.

But then the 6-foot-3 guard followed shortly with an even more intriguing tweet.

From what the tweet suggests, it seems to be a huge life-altering moment, something along the lines of… a signature shoe, given the shoe emoji.

Most NBA players dream to have their own signature shoe and it makes sense considering that it’s a rare feat that isn’t just based on stature and productivity β€” one has to be really special and a major household name. It’s a sign that a player has truly made it.

Perhaps Adidas has faith that the incoming sophomore is destined for greatness. He did set the most points by a guard in the postseason since a player named Michael Jeffrey Jordan, so they may be on to something.