Jazz news: Donovan Mitchell reacts to 'surreal' game vs. Thunder
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Donovan Mitchell reacts to ‘surreal’ Jazz vs. Thunder game

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Nearly five months ago, an unprecedented incident occurred in Oklahoma, as the game between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder was canceled just before tip-off.

The starting lineups have already been announced and players were already out on the court warming up. However, the news of Jazz center Rudy Gobert testing positive for the coronavirus shocked the basketball world and resulted to an unparalleled mid-season hiatus for over four months.

After 143 days since that unforgettable suspension, the Jazz and the Thunder finally got to continue the postponed showdown last Saturday. With that said, Donovan Mitchell couldn’t help but share how special Saturday’s game was for him.

“It’s pretty surreal that we ended up here,” Mitchell said, per KSL.com.

Mitchell shared a relatively empty gym in the NBA bubble in Orlando with Thunder guard Chris Paul, and the two couldn’t help but reflect on how different things are now compared to their supposed game last March. Though the Jazz suffered their first loss in Orlando in a blowout against the Thunder that night, it’s was still pretty remarkable to see such a historic game be played out.

“Honestly, it was kind of refreshing to go out there and play that game, specifically because it is kind of the one that really changed a lot throughout the world,” the Jazz All-Star added. “And I think for us to kind of get out there, outside of just the game itself but as a whole moment for the NBA, I think it was a pretty special moment.”

Donovan Mitchell was one of the several NBA players who tested positive for the virus alongside his teammate Gobert. There have been a lot of off-court drama surrounding the two stars and how the whole pandemic has affected their chemistry; however, it looks like they were able to put everything beyond them and focus on the remaining games of the Jazz.