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Utah fan caught dancing like crazy beside Celtics bench


You always see some interesting things in the crowd when you watch a game. When a game is on national television, fans usually get a little bit crazier. That was the case on Friday, when a Utah Jazz fan got involved in some fun.

If you watched the game, you could also see this guy dancing when Celtics players inbounded the ball.

He probably thought he was distracting the players. Now, players have pretty much seen everything when they go into an opponents arena. Not a lot of things distract players. It seems like this guy did not distract the Celtics, or Jazz players from what they were doing on the court.

It will be interesting to see if the guy returns and dresses and dances like this every game. The Jazz are now 1-0 when he shows up. Maybe he is good luck.

This was a huge win for a Utah team that has gone off to a slow start to the season. It looks like it may be crucial for this guy to come back.

This was the best game the Jazz have played all season at home. Coincidence? Don’t think so. Only time, and the dancing guy, will tell.