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Jeff Hornacek will blend new schemes with the triangle offense

The exit of Phil Jackson from the New York Knicks will not only usher in a new brand of leadership in the organization, but it could also mark the start of a new offensive system for the team. With the biggest proponent of the triangle not with the organization any longer, Jeff Hornacek admitted that he will add some new sets this coming season and blend it with the infamous offensive system.

The veteran head coach talked about his plans for this coming season with ESPN’s Ian Begley. He said that incorporating some new things may help them space the floor better. He also likened the system the Golden State Warriors have in place, and is hoping his players can benefit from improved spacing on the court:

“We’re going work on different things and add things, find an offense that fits. You guys probably made a huge deal out of the triangle options. If there’s three guys on one side of the court, you’re going to have one guy in the post area and two guys on the wings and then you’re just playing ball.

“You watch Golden State, they hit those guys and then they split. They just do it better than everybody else. So there’s those actions out there no matter what offense you have. We’re going to do a lot of things from last year, some new things and we’ll blend it. Maybe it gives us some more space.”

The New York faithful are hoping that these changes will translate to more wins for their team and better results on the scoreboard after finishing 18th in offense. By adding new sets, the players may find it difficult to master at first, but they are expected to adjust to it quickly as the season progresses.

Should Hornacek and company accomplish implementing new schemes with ease, it may turn out to be just what the Knicks need to finally break out of four losing seasons and once again making a postseason appearance, which their city has long been starving for.