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Former NFL QB would take Jets’ Sam Darnold over Ravens’ Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson, Jets, Ravens, Sam Darnold

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky had an explosive take during the My Sports Update Football Podcast earlier this week, involving New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold.

Orlovsky was initially asked whether he would rather have Daniel Jones of the New York Giants or Sam Darnold leading his team in the coming years. Aside from picking Darnold over Jones, Orlovsky also suggested Darnold is as talented as any signal-caller to come into the NFL in recent years, including 2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens.

Orlovsky said Jackson has benefited in part from the strong foundation already in place with the Baltimore Ravens, whereas Darnold is sort of the centerpiece of a rebuild with the New York Jets (via Spencer Aber of USA TODAY):

“You mean to tell me that Lamar Jackson… if he got drafted by the Jets, he wins MVP?” Orlovsky said on the podcast. “You mean to tell me that if Sam Darnold goes to a team that has a top-five run game similar to the Ravens and a top-five defense similar to the Ravens, we don’t have a very different outlook on Sam Darnold?”

Of course, this is a pretty narrow-minded take from Orlovsky.

The Ravens changed their offensive scheme in part due to Jackson’s running ability. But Jackson also led the NFL in touchdown passes (36) and touchdown percentage (9.0) while breaking the record for rushing yards by a quarterback (1,206). He is far from one-dimensional and showed significant year-over-year growth.

Darnold certainly has a number of factors, not in his favor. The Jets’ own rushing attack was one of the worst in football last year, and the offensive line left much to be desired as well.

But it is hard to say Darnold would have the same kind of success as Jackson, whose talents have helped revolutionize football.