Jets news: Henry Anderson fined for hit on Josh Allen
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Jets DE Henry Anderson fined for hit on Josh Allen

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Henry Anderson has a history of taking cheap shots on the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets defensive end was punished for it on Saturday. The NFL fined Anderson for a late hit that he delivered on Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

The fine will cost Anderson $10,527, which is likely a discount compared to what he could’ve been fined. On the play he was fined for, the Jets defensive end appeared to hit Allen in the back of his legs well after the ball was thrown.

Furthermore, Anderson could’ve avoided hitting Allen altogether on the play after he fell to the ground. Instead, he decides to make a concerted effort to dive into the quarterback’s legs. Luckily for the Bills, the second-year quarterback wasn’t injured on the play.

This isn’t the first time that Anderson has made headlines after delivering a cheap shot to a Bills player. Last year, the former third-round pick hit Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka after the whistle was blown.

In response to the dirty hit on the veteran kicker, Hauschka’s wife was unhappy with Anderson with the kicker injuring his hip on the play. After Anderson proceeded to make another unnecessary hit last week, Lindsey Hauschka stated her belief to the NFL that Anderson should be banned from the league.

The league decided to fine the Jets defender on both accounts but Anderson is going to have to avoid making any more questionable hits. If he does it again, the NFL may have to step in and take further action by suspending him.