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Report: Jets will select Josh Rosen over Sam Darnold if both are available

Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold

Josh Rosen this, Sam Darnold that, Baker Mayfield here, Josh Allen there—the saga continues. As it pertains to the 2018 NFL Draft, anything and everything remains on the table. It’s a stark contrast to back in the day, prior to the rookie salary cap and info about certain team movement and needs leaked heavily.

Nobody knows anything, especially pertaining to the New York Jets who currently hold down the No. 3 spot in Thursday night’s first round in primetime. But according to Lance Zielein of NFL.com, Mike Maccagnan and the Jets will select Josh Rosen over Sam Darnold if both are available when it’s their turn at the podium.

“Hearing Rosen over Darnold at 3 so if Sam doesn’t go 2 (Denver trade up or Bills trade up), he could fall to 4 and it will be raining picks in the Browns laps once again. As crazy as it sounds, the Bucs are poised to get one of the top 3 players in this draft at pick 7.”

Thus far, we still have no idea what the Jets are leaning towards in that three hole.

A summer ago, it was all “Suck for Sam.” The tanking narrative reached a point of no return and those who picked the Jets to win even three games were labeled outcasts. A surprising start to the season and an eventual 5-11 record put them in the familiar No. 6 hole. That was, until, Mike Maccagnan relented three second-rounders to move up three spots, ultimately landing at No. 3.

For much of the last month or so, Baker Mayfield was the hot name in and around Florham Park, New Jersey. Not until the last few days are we now hearing the names of Josh Allen and the main of the moment, UCLA’s Josh Rosen.

Stay tuned. The first round of the 2018 NFL Draft comes your way at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday night.