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Robert Saleh throws jab at Joe Judge’s tactics with the Giants

Jets, Giants, Robert Saleh, Joe Judge

Looks like a rivalry might be brewing in the northeast right now after New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh gave his opinion on how to discipline players. Recently, the New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has been forcing his team and coaching staff into running laps and doing pushups to discipline them for bad practices.

During a press conference, Saleh is asked how he feels about disciplining players with exercise. His answer was essentially the exact opposite of Joe Judge’s philosophies, per Ralph Vacchiano. “For me, it’s more about creating accountability with self rather than forcing accountability. These players are grown men.”

The question definitely set Robert Saleh up offer his opinion on Joe Judge’s coaching methods. However, it’s interesting to hear that his coaching philosophies are the exact opposite of Judge’s. The Giants were slightly made fun of on social media after the news broke of how Joe Judge disciplines his team. It’s similar to how a middle school football coach would punish their team for unruly behavior.

Robert Saleh is a first-time head coach, but his response makes it feel like he’s been coaching the Jets for years. After serving as the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, it’s clear Saleh is ready for the head coaching position. We’ll see how it pans out for him, as the Jets have a long way to go before reaching relevancy once again.

As for the Giants, they’ve had a rough training camp, but remain hopeful on the season. Luckily for them, they play in a wide-open NFC East division. Both New York teams are in different stages of development, but thanks to the media, Robert Saleh and Joe Judge could be painted into becoming rivals. This might be exactly what the city of New York needs. A Jets and Giants rivalry could be extremely entertaining, as both franchises have struggled in recent years.