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Jets QB Sam Darnold back at team facility ahead of Week 3

sam darnold

The New York Jets’ franchise quarterback has returned to the team’s practice. And his return couldn’t have come at a much better time.

The team’s official Twitter account posted a picture of Sam Darnold. The image’s caption is something that plenty of Jetes fans were hoping for over the past couple of days and are more than happy to see now.

The news means that their starting QB is getting closer to recovering from mononucleosis. It’s an illness that can lead to serious complications if not handled properly. This is why the team is extremely careful with Darnold’s health to help him get back to shape as soon as possible.

Darnold shared that he hopes to make a return to the roster by Week 5 against the Philadelphia Eagles. He shared that he didn’t know how he ended up with the disease. However, he felt the symptoms during the team’s Week 1 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

“I definitely wasn’t feeling 100 percent,” Darnold said, per Yahoo! Sports. “The night before, I got a really bad night’s sleep. … After the game, that’s when my body began to shut down. When I came in that Monday morning, I was feeling terrible. Tuesday morning was when it really hit.”

The fans are hoping that Darnold does return in Week 5 as their QB situation is nothing short of lamentable. They have signed David Fales as the backup to Luke Falk after Trevor Siemian ended his season on the back of a gruesome injury.

Falk showed he could be a serviceable play-caller for the Jets as he went 20 of 25 for 198 yards against the Cleveland Browns on Monday night. However, the fans would rather have their QB1 well and playing as soon as possible.