Jets news: Sam Darnold says it's 'awesome' team owner backs Adam Gase
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Sam Darnold says it’s ‘awesome’ Jets owner backs Adam Gase

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On Wednesday, New York Jets CEO Christopher Johnson gave a vote of confidence to his head coach Adam Gase, saying that he will not only stay on board in 2019, but he will also be around in 2020. In doing so, he alluded to quarterback Sam Darnold’s input, who trusts the coach, despite the team’s 2-7 record.

Darnold, as he has done since Gase’s hiring, remains supportive of the coach, seeing a bright future with him on the sideline.

If everything works out like it’s supposed to and Adam is here again, that would be absolutely amazing,” Darnold said on Thursday, via Rich Cimini of ESPN. “Going into OTAs [next spring] and knowing the whole offense, and even being able to build off things we’ve already done this year, it will be incredible.”

Johnson, while announcing Gase’s job security, mentioned that trust between Darnold and the coach is high. He does not want to do wrong by the team’s No. 3 overall pick in 2018. “Changing systems year after year is just a disaster, for a young quarterback especially,” added Johnson, per Cimini.

Darnold is 2-4 as a starter with Gase. His 74.5 passer rating in 2019 is 2.1 ticks lower than his rookie rating. He missed the majority of the first quarter of 2019 with mono. Since returning from mono, Darnold has been up-and-down with Gase at the helm — highlighted by his 113.8 passer rating against the Cowboys and his 3.6 passer rating against New England a week later. However, much of his inconsistencies may have more to do with those blocking him than strictly playcalling.