The New York Jets have just traded away former number three overall pick Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for draft capital. The move made sense for the Panthers, as they have been linked to just about every available quarterback.

New York finds itself in a familiar situation, once again selecting near the top of the draft in need of the sports' most important position. So, which signal-caller is the right fit for the Jets?

It is a certainty that the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are drafting before New York, will pick Trevor Lawrence. After all, he is the highest-rated prospect at the position since Andrew Luck came out of Stanford. The next tier of quarterbacks is composed of Zach Wilson of BYU, Ohio State's Justin Fields, and North Dakota State's Trey Lance.

Zach Wilson

Along with Lawrence and Alabama's Mac Jones, Wilson is one of the most pro-ready prospects that the Jets can pick. He has a great processor and has an uncanny feel for the game. His pocket presence is incredible for someone making the leap to the NFL. He senses pressure and makes the right play.

Moreover, Wilson has good arm talent and is an underrated athlete, especially when he is compared to Fields and Lance. He can run with the ball to get a crucial down, but more often than not, he will use his athleticism to extend the play, keep his eyes on receivers and make a crucial throw.

Some will say that his numbers are affected by not going up against elite competition, but then the argument can be made that his supporting cast was not at the same level as those from major programs.

Justin Fields

On the other hand, Fields displays good athleticism and fires accurate passes, especially going deep. His throws have a lot of zip in them and he can hurt defenses with his legs.

The constant knock on Fields has been his ability to process plays, specifically when he locks in too much on his first read. An NFL quarterback should be able to see what the defense is giving him and take it from there. Focusing on a first option even when he is tightly covered could be disastrous.

The upside is that this is a fixable flaw.

Through time, Fields should be able to go through his progressions better. This issue can also be addressed schematically if the Jets' first option is regularly set up to be open or run a route where the quarterback can locate him more easily.

Trey Lance

Due to his athleticism, Lance has one of the highest ceilings in the draft. He is a dual-threat quarterback with a big arm, which is becoming a trend at the professional level. His limited tape is a big question mark. Lance only played in one game in 2020 because of the pandemic. Further, he needs to work on his accuracy, which is an issue even though he did not have that many tight windows to throw into.

As promising as Lance is, he does not project to be a starter from day one. Ideally, the team that drafts him will have a bridge quarterback in place, so Lance can learn the offense and be acclimated more to the NFL game.

Which QB Makes the Most Sense for the Jets?

The Jets should not overthink their decision and select Wilson. Lance is too raw and might not pan out even if he is not thrown into the fire right away. Wilson and Fields are neck and neck, but Wilson is a much safer pick while being comparable in terms of long-term potential.