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Jimmy Butler says he’s not a bad dude

Jimmy Butler

The Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Sacramento Kings Friday night 121-110. But, that did not stop Jimmy Butler to talking to Sam Amick of The Athletic after the game.

I’m not a bad dude. I’m not a bad teammate. I’d do anything for my guys, man. If Thibs is coming at somebody, I’m the first guy to be, like, ‘Leave him alone.’ Whether it’s KAT [Karl-Anthony Towns], whether it’s Wiggs [Andrew Wiggins], whether it’s Tyus [Jones], whether it’s Taj.

Jimmy Butler demanded a trade just four days after the Wolves season ended in a five-game series loss to the Houston Rockets in the first round of the playoffs.

The reported trade demand did not come to light until about a week or so before training camp started.

Butler does not want to be painted as a bad guy, as a bad teammate. However, for some Wolves fans, they may think he is exactly that.

During the Wolves first home game of the season, pre-game, he was met with boo’s by the fans. But, then after playing extremely well, he was greeted by MVP chants at the free throw line.

Safe to say, it is a love and hate relationship by the Wolves fans. The Wolves are off to a slow start to the season to 4-9. One could say the Butler situation is one of the main reasons for the Wolves slow start to the season.

It may just be. When a star like Butler demands a trade from your team and he is still on your team, then it could cause distractions for everyone involved.