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Joel Embiid makes a pitch to Rihanna yet again

Not hiding it at all, Philadelphia 76ers rookie big man Joel Embiid has an infatuation with Rihanna. The Sixers center has often joked about his undying love for Rihanna but while he may be joking, there is a hint of truth in his frequent jokes about the singer. A fact that was revealed yet again during Embiid’s recent appearance with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith of ESPN’s “The Six” on Tuesday.

Appearing on the show alongside Kelly Rowland, Embiid reiterated his feelings for Rihanna and asked the former Destiny Child singer to help make a connection with the popular music artist.


“I mean, look at myself.”

“I’m 7-2, I’m good-looking. You know a woman usually loves my accent because I’m from Camroon in Africa. And I’m pretty intelligent too, and I’m funny. And I love pretty women and to be around them.”

“She’s got to trust The Process.”

Embiid’s answer may be hilarious but what does he got to lose? Plus, Rowland loved his answer and if she enjoyed his response, perhaps Rihanna will feel the same way. And maybe since he gave such a great answer, Rowland can actually introduce Embiid to Rihanna.

But if not, as he has shown in the past, Embiid likely won’t stop his pining for Rihanna until he actually gets to meet her.

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