Joel Embiid says Sixers need a point guard
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Joel Embiid says Sixers need a point guard

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Filled with a plethora of young talent, the Philadelphia 76ers have the potential to be much improved next season. The Sixers though, are far from a complete team and according to rookie big man Joel Embiid, Philadelphia could use a point guard.

“I think we really need a point guard. I know the team has been talking about Ben [Simmons]¬†being a point guard, and I’m excited to try that,” Embiid said on “SportsCenter.” “I’m excited to see how that’s going to go. At the same time, I think we really need a point guard, and in this draft there’s going to be a lot of point guards available and hopefully we get the No. 1 pick and we get to choose one of them.”

Embiid isn’t wrong about the Sixers needing a point guard and since Philadelphia has the No. 3 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, they could very likely select one next month. The NBA Draft has a plethora of talented point guards so the Sixers likely could get a franchise changing player with such a high pick.

The Sixers do have Simmons though and he could potentially handle the point guard duties for Philadelphia. But even if Simmons is Philadelphia’s point guard of the future, adding another playmaker through the draft could only help them moving forward.

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