The Washington Wizards had a very disappointing year as they were not able to make the playoffs and it definitely took a toll on the city. In a recent interview with The Vertical's Michael Lee, John Wall revealed his plans for the future as well as if he believes he's reached his peak.

“He told me I haven't reached nearly my potential and that's something I like to hear, because I haven't. I've just showed glimpses of what I can be.

It's something I feel like I had to do. It was painful. You watch a lot in games, I jumped off my right leg, or I jumped off two feet. I never jumped off my left leg. That's the reason I rarely went right, because I had to jump off two feet, because this leg, I couldn't get off of it.

It's going to be like the first time I'll be really healthy and be myself. If you know me, you know I'm a person that's going to attack it like nothing else. I'm taking this challenge on. It's a tough challenge to try to rebuild everything and get stronger. It's a challenge I'm willing to take to come back to be a better player, and come back and try to have the best season I've ever had.”

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