Jonathan Kuminga - 2021 5-Star Highlights, Scouting Report
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Jonathan Kuminga – 2021 5-Star Highlights, Scouting Report

Jonathan Kuminga, a five-star wing out of the 2021 college basketball recruiting class, already has some insane highlights that’s resulted in some scouting report abilities. While it’s a far too early to get hyperbolic with the young man by way of YouTube videos, he’s already projected as the No. 1 overall prospect in his recruitment class.

ClutchPoints is going to start a (soft) series in which we lightly profile members of future recruiting classes with highlight videos and a very, very brief scouting report. As time goes on, especially for players in classes a few years out, we’ll update these posts with more information as it becomes available.

A few more notes: We’re going to insert the author name under our broad staff handle, as multiple writers might chime in with their notes. We will put the date and writer before each note so readers know who wrote what part of the scouting report and when.

With that caveat out of the way, let’s take a gander at what we know about Jonathan Kuminga so far (again, information obtained is applicable relative to the time of this writing and can — and will — likely change).

Jonathan Kuminga (@JonathanKuming6) – 6-foot-8 – Centereach, NY

HS Team: The Patrick School (Hillside, NJ) – AAU Team: Renaissance

2021 Recruiting Class – 5-star – No. 1 Overall Prospect

Joseph Nardone (@JosephNardone, October 21, 2019): Most reputable recruiting service outlets currently project the Duke Blue Devils and St. John’s Red Storm as early favorites to land the wing. It makes sense, as he’s from New York. Given the state of the Johnnies, however, a lot can change over the course of the next couple of years. No pressure, Mike Anderson.

In regards to the Blue Devils, they’re a good basketball program. Not sure how many people know that.

As for his game, without yet having seen him in person, I’ve only been able to consume him by way of highlight packages. It’s a poor way to scout a player. Rare is the YouTube hype package of any basketball prospect struggling to hit a jumper, missing assignments on defense or even just failing to communicate with teammates.

Basically, as well as obviously, high school hype highlights are designed to get people excited in the belly over a player’s potential. In a way, providing hope to the hopeless — fanbases of college basketball programs currently not doing so well, but still somehow magically in the mix for transcendent talents.

Speaking on what I’ve seen with Jonathan Kuminga, it’s pretty clear he’s an excellent rebounder at the current level he’s playing, as well as the kind who has a nose for the ball. It feels safe — feeling is an awful thing to do here, but it’s hard to use high school/AAU statistics as a measurable metric given competition is variable — to assume it will translate to the collegiate level.

Listed as 6-foot-8 by most places, Kuminga has good hops. I wouldn’t say ‘freakishly athletic’ or anything like that, but he’s more than just passably athletic.

Again, it’s hard to quantify given it’s only highlight reels, but the kid appears to have a good stroke, with solid mechanics. Nothing is insanely flawed or anything; though, as it is with most players at his stage of development, there will likely be some tinkering.

Defense is an unknown (at least coming from me). Grassroots gurus who have consumed his game within a decent sample-size do suggest he has above-average intangibles, communicates well and is a solid defender.


We didn’t want to bury you with highlights, as some of those include multiple games and packages as it was anyway. As we update his scouting report over time, and figure out the best format possible, we will add applicable videos when relevant.

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