WATCH: Karl-Anthony Towns Wins Hometown Competition
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Karl-Anthony Towns wins hometown Home Run Derby

The NBA’s reigning Rookie of the Year and All-Star Skills Challenge Champion, Karl-Anthony Towns, has decorated his very early athletic career from the moment he was a Wildcat.

Part of that offseason experience for players is going back to your roots, where you can enjoy the things that made you who you are before your career. For towns, that “thing” is smacking home runs in softball derby.

Karl Towns in the home run derby a the Celebrity Softball Game.

Posted by Big Blue Express on Sunday, August 28, 2016

Karl-Anthony Towns’ versatility continues to impress, much like an ex-point guard in Anthony Davis becoming unstoppable in the front court. Competition is his language and within his nature to bring onto the diamond, where he took home the derby title.

Now with high expectations to lead a young Minnesota Timberwolves team, Towns has taken the summer to retreat and refresh. Hopefully that hunger to be the best when no one expects it comes through.

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