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VIDEO: Kings rookie Davion Mitchell locks up Donovan Mitchell with epic defensive stand

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It looks like Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell has finally found his match on the court. Unsurprisingly, it’s Sacramento Kings rookie Davion Mitchell.

Probably motivated to prove who is the better D. Mitchell, the Kings youngster locked down the Jazz All-Star in an epic defensive display that left Donovan frustrated.

Early in the second quarter of the Jazz-Kings contest, Donovan brought the ball to the other end and tried to force his way past Davion, but the former Baylor Bears standout held his own pretty well and snatched the ball away.

Here’s a look at the awesome sequence:

For those not in the know, Donovan Mitchell and Davion Mitchell are not brothers–though we can’t blame you if you think so at first since they have the same surname and initials. Anyone can write DV Mitchell and people will get confused who’s who.

Anyway, it’s certainly interesting to see the two play against each other. While they share the same surname and initials, their plays couldn’t be any different. Everyone knows Donovan is an explosive scorer who has drawn comparisons with Dwyane Wade, while the Kings newcomer is more of a defensive specialist known for his defense.

Hopefully, though, we see more of Davion guarding Donovan and the other way around. After all, it’s just too fun to watch.