Kings news: Sacramento trolls unknowing Lakers fans with fake player names
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Kings troll unknowing Lakers fans with fake player names

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The Sacramento Kings have been a joke for some time now – a team that nobody seems to take seriously despite their best efforts to make their team relevant. The perennial laughing stock of the Pacific division, however, tried to turn the tables around at least for a few moments when the team ambushed some “diehard” Los Angeles Lakers fans with the intent of exposing how fake they are.

The modus operandi was simple: drop random names that are not really associated with the Lakers and ask unsuspecting LA fans what they think of these “players’” chances of making the final roster cut. The result was excruciatingly cringey, but hilarious nonetheless.

Pete Davidson? Danny Glover? True Lakers fans would have raised an eyebrow and come up with a funny look on their faces if they were asked what are the odds that a Saturday Night Live member would make the team or how Childish Gambino is faring so far in the offseason.

This cruel exercise is also reminiscent of that one time when Jimmy Kimmel Live asked random Warriors fans about their thoughts on Zayn Malik leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and whether they think L. Ron Hubbard will be named as a Golden State player.

These people need to brush up on their pop culture knowledge and most importantly on the composition of their NBA teams.