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Video: Vince Carter rolls on the floor laughing after watching rookie dance contest

vince carter

The Sacramento Kings treated their fans to a night of fun on Sunday when they held an open practice session. It was filled with a lot of promotions, and even a dance contest, wherein their rookies competed in it.

However, it wasn’t just any other showdown, as it included De’Aaron Fox showing his mastery of the Soulja Boy steps, Frank Mason doing a back flip, and Justin Jackson making his best impression of Michael Jackson. It left their teammates laughing, that even had Vince Carter rolling on the floor.

Teams have made it a point to have their rookies go through an initiation as part of their journey to becoming professional basketball players. There have been different ways to welcome them to the team, and the Kings wanted them to show off their dance moves in front of their fans, which could also ease the pressure off their shoulders with the season starting soon.

It may seem like all fun and games at this point, especially for Vince Carter, but once the season begins, he is expected to serve as a mentor to the Kings’ young players, while also providing quality minutes off the bench night in and night out. Now entering his 20th campaign, Carter will look to lead by example, and help the Kings emerge as one of NBA’s teams of the future.