Klay Thompson's forgettable China trip adds another woeful moment
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Klay Thompson’s forgettable China trip adds another woeful moment

klay thompson

For the last couple of weeks, Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Klay Thompson has been on a business trip in China to promote his partnership with Anta after inking a 10-year, $80 million deal with the company.

However, it hasn’t exactly been a memorable trip for the wrong reasons for Thompson as he has experienced several embarrassing athletic mishaps while touring the country. The latest has come via what he has built his reputation on in the NBA as he shockingly completely air balled a pull-up 3-pointer.

This just puts an entire cap on his time in China as it is the one area where he has expertise and mastery in his professional basketball career. That said, it just adds to all his other miscues with the missed reverse dunk where he blocked himself at the rim, lost an arm wrestling match to a fan, and even his awkward dance moves in a night club.

It hasn’t exactly helped Thompson’s public image out in any positive manner, but this has little to no impact on his bottom line of landing a monster shoe deal. More importantly, this also doesn’t take away from his happiness from winning his second NBA title in the last three years.

All in all, this is just another forgettable moment for Thompson on his offseason tour in China.