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Knicks delete trolling tweets to Bulls after Derrick Rose trade

It didn’t take long for the New York Knicks to start rubbing in the fact that they were able to snag Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls in a blockbuster trade that surfaced unexpectedly before the NBA Draft.

The Knicks twitter account posted a video highlight reel of Derrick Rose against the same Knicks players that were sent to Chicago in the trade, with the message saying “Coming Soon.”

Shortly after, the Knicks removed the tweet but not before screen shots of it surfaced on the internet.





To add insult to injury, the Knicks posted yet another similar video on Thursday of Rose’s highlights again, against the same players, trolling the Bulls with a “Good Morning Knicks fans” message.

Both of the tweets have been deleted from the Knicks twitter page, but the trolling had already been done. No response has been given from the Bulls yet.

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