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Knicks hit a new low with all-around embarrassing night at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

The New York Knicks suffered another blowout loss in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, falling to the Memphis Grizzlies, 127-106. This was no ordinary loss, though, as the events that led to and followed the final buzzer collectively form what appears to be an all-time low for the Knicks organization.

New York is already in the midst of another terrible season, so to say that they have somehow managed to reach an even lower point is pretty startling for someone who was not able to witness Wednesday night’s shenanigans. Below is our blow-by-blow account of what went down in MSG in what should go down in history as the night the New York Knicks hit rock bottom.

We’re not even going to delve on the team’s awful showing against the Grizzlies. They lost by 21 points, which at this point, already has some sense of normalcy in terms of the Knicks’ overall performance this season. Currently at 13-36, they are in possession of the third-worst record in the league, bettering only the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors. Wednesday’s heavy defeat to Memphis no longer came as a surprise.

What was shocking was how Knicks guard Elfrid Payton shoved Grizzlies wing Jae Crowder when the latter attempted an ill-timed 3-point attempt in the dying seconds of the blowout. Payton was obviously incensed with what he deemed to be an extremely disrespectful act from Crowder, and he made sure Crowder would get the message. The two got into it, which resulted in ejections from both players. Members of both teams had to be separated, and this could have easily escalated to an all-out brawl.

This turn of events did nothing to please the home crowd in the Garden. Not only were they not proud of Payton’s misdirected sense of team pride, but they also seemed genuinely disgusted with what had just transpired. Booing their own team appears to now be the norm for the unforgiving Knicks fans, but they took it to another level on Wednesday when they started to loudly chant “sell the team,” which was directed at team owner James Dolan, who was in attendance.

Following the game, Knicks forward Marcus Morris lashed out at the aforementioned Crowder, describing the Grizzlies veteran as “womanlike.” This sexist remark instantly sparked controversy on the mean streets of Twitter, which prompted Morris to apologize for his inappropriate choice of words.

The icing on the cake was the busted showers in the locker room that welcomed the Grizzlies squad post-game. It appears that Memphis found it more difficult to take a shower after the match than they did defeating the Knicks.

It was a perfect storm for the Knicks on this particular evening, and surely, they will be hard-pressed to outdo tonight’s collective debacle. Then again, this is the Knicks we’re talking about here, so perhaps this is not exactly beyond them.