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Frank Ntilikina still growing during 2017-18 NBA season

After being taken eighth overall in last June’s draft, expectations were high on Frank Ntilikina, as many thought there could be others that should have been selected ahead of him. He started his rookie season slowly, but has also been able to show some improvement in his game as the campaign progresses.

The French international is taking it one game at a time, and trying to produce better averages than how he started the year. However, he is still failing to record consistent numbers night in and night out, but if there’s anything going his way, he is still continuing to grow — literally that is.

A recent photo was posted by Knicks legend Allan Houston on his Twitter account, where he is standing beside Ntilikina. He then added a caption that states that he has noticed the 19-year-old already being taller than him, giving the idea that Ntilikina may have grown a few inches this season.

Ntilikina is officially listed at 6-foot-5, already making him one of the taller point guards in the NBA today. Houston, who stands 6-foot-6, appears to indeed be a tad bit shorter than him, which could mean the rookie may now be at 6-foot-7 today.

The possible increase in height may be considered not that big of a deal, but it could work to his advantage as he continues his journey in the NBA, making it easier for him to go up against the other point guards in the league. It also makes it easier for him to snatch rebounds, given the additional length he may now have.