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Cavs’ guard J.R. Smith thinks chances New York signs Kyrie Irving are ‘high’


Kyrie Irving’s former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate J.R. Smith put up no fronts about Uncle Drew’s chances to get signed by the New York Knicks. The Boston Celtics star has been linked to the Big Apple after turning down a contract extension earlier this summer, putting the Knicks at the forefront of speculation after being one of the teams in his shortlist when he demanded a trade from the Cavs.

The post shared by @nicekicks read: “Kyrie Irving is the Knicks’ top target in 2019. What are the chances they sign him?”

Smith commented a simple “High.”

Smith played two-and-a-half seasons alongside Irving with the Cavs and would know a thing or two about his future ambitions. The Knicks being Irving’s preferred destination is not only based on his prior shortlist, but the proximity of his hometown in New Jersey, allowing him to play close to where he grew up.

Irving has been rather mum on the matter since declining his extension, saying it wouldn’t make sense to leave $80 million on the table by waiting another year to sign a full-on supermax contract.

The ball-handling wizard was also linked to Minnesota Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler, rumored to both link up in the Big Apple by the end of this upcoming season.