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Knicks owner James Dolan doubles down on decision to eject Charles Oakley from MSG

James Dolan, Charles Oakley

One of the most peculiar incidents that went down last season was when former New York Knicks forward Charles Oakley was physically removed from Madison Square Garden following an altercation with the arena’s security personnel.

Speaking to Ian O’Connor of ESPN, team owner James Dolan shared his side of the story, and why he believes that they were right to have thrown out Oakley on that evening.

“He was out of control,” explained Dolan. “Anybody else who went even half the way that he went would have been ejected from the venue. It just got too bad. He had to be taken out.”

Here’s a look at the incident in question to refresh our memories:

Based on this clip alone, it does appear that Dolan has a valid point. Oakley was visibly upset, and at that point, it seemed like the only way the situation was going to be deescalated was by removing Oakley from the premises.

However, there appears to be much more to this incident than what is seen in the clip. According to a succeeding report, it was actually Dolan who ordered Oakley’s ejection. Oakley reportedly did nothing wrong, and the reason why he was so upset was because he felt he had done nothing to warrant the ejection.

Nonetheless, it was Oakley who got physical, and he was the one perceived to be the troublemaker in the above clip that may have been taken out of context. Oakley has had a reputation of not being able to keep his temper in check, and this certainly worked against his favor in this particular incident.