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Knicks owner James Dolan not required to participate in Tuesday’s mediation with Charles Oakley

Knicks, James Dolan, Charles Oakley

It initially seemed that New York Knicks owner James Dolan would participate in Tuesday’s scheduled telephone mediation meeting between himself and Knicks legend Charles Oakley. However, it now appears that Dolan will not have to participate in said meeting:

Dolan recently tested positive for the coronavirus, but appears to be in good health following an earlier report stating that he is healthy enough to work. We just hope that the Knicks owner is observing the necessary quarantine procedures so as to avoid the spread of the virus. As we all know, the coronavirus is extremely contagious, and it would be best for everyone if Dolan just stays quarantined in his own home.

With regards to the mediation meeting, it seems that it will push through with or without Dolan. The objective of the mediation is to try and find a resolution between the two camps before the case is actually tried in court. Both parties appear to have cooled down a bit, especially considering the fact that the event in question transpired some two years ago already.

Nonetheless, it would not be a surprise if this ends up as another deadlock, with both camps still looking to come out on top of this rather peculiar situation. Oakley does not look like he’s going to back down, and knowing Dolan, he probably has no intention of moving a single inch as well.

Stay tuned to see the next chapter in this Knicks battle.

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