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Knicks star Julius Randle stuns Tom Thibodeau with ‘impossible’ feat after 35-point opener

Knicks Julius Randle Tom Thibodeau

After a monster performance, Knicks star Julius Randle stuns his coach, Tom Thibodeau, with an ‘impossible’ feat, scoring 35 points in New York’s opening night victory against the Boston Celtics.

Madison Square Garden was rocking, as NBA fans across the globe are lucky enough to witness one of the best opening night games in quite a while.

Despite an impressive 46-point outing from Jaylen Brown, and a buzzer-beating three by Marcus Smart, sending the game to overtime, the New York Knicks survived a thrilling double-overtime win against a talented Celtics squad that showed toughness throughout the game.

The Knicks had to dig deep for this win and pulled off an impressive display of offensive firepower— an aspect that they lacked last year.

Since last season, Thibodeau has always shown extensive support to Randle, stressing his value to the Knicks’ success. Wednesday’s game was no different; the all-star did it all during the whole game— scoring in bunches and setting up his teammates when it mattered most.

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“He gives you everything he has…He had that monster year last year, got a new contract…And he’s hungrier now than he was last year, which I thought was impossible.”

Randle proved all the doubters wrong last season by winning the league’s Most Improved Player award while averaging 24.1 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 6 assists a game for the Knicks— capping off his best individual season.

The 2020-21 season saw a hungry Julius Randle, a man who wanted to prove that he could lead the Knicks. After a remarkable performance last year, some may think that he will stop there. However, based on his work ethic and desire to win, Randle isn’t done yet.