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Knicks rookie Mitchell Robinson admits he didn’t watch Rasheed Wallace play because it was way before his time

Mitchell Robinson, Knicks, Rasheed Wallace

Former New York Knicks forward Rasheed Wallace came back to The Big Apple to teach a thing or two to this young roster, and he was likely surprised to see that rookie Mitchell Robinson hadn’t seen him play.

Sheed brought a whole other level of intensity onto the practice floor, as he did throughout his entire 16-year career in the league. But even a four-time All-Star and former NBA champion like him couldn’t escape just how young these rookies are.

“He pushed me to talk more on defense. I have a tendency to be a little quiet. And him, he brings it,” said Robinson, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, claiming he didn’t watch Wallace live much because “that was way before my time.”

Wallace was know for his short fro and signature headband along with a sky-high release and a sharp-shooting skill that helped re-invent the power forward position into today’s modern stretch 4.

Sheed was giving big men nightmares on the perimeter way before the 20-year-old Mitchell was in high school. While he played his final NBA season in 2013, the Philly native hasn’t lost his loud voice or his motivational speaking when it comes to basketball, even yelling “Mitchell, you suck” to test the rookie’s poise during a free-throw drill.

The young Knicks have a lot to learn from Wallace, but as usual, the first thing will always remain the same: Ball don’t lie.