Knicks news: Spike Lee ‘looked at differently’ at MSG
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Knicks superfan Spike Lee ‘looked at differently’ at MSG after taking Charles Oakley’s side


New York Knicks superfan and renowned film director Spike Lee recently got into a controversial conundrum with Knicks owner James Dolan after Madison Square Garden him entry for using the wrong entrance.

However, it seems like MSG had already soured on the long-time Knicks supporter even way before when he sided with Charles Oakley a few years back. A source reportedly told the New York Daily News that Spike Lee “was looked at differently” after he expressed his support for the former Knicks great.

To recall, Madison Square Garden authorities arrested and escorted Oakley out of the arena after he got into a shouting match with Dolan. Oakley has since been banned from attending Knicks games.

Lee undoubtedly sided with Oakley at the time by sporting the no. 34 jersey of the former Knicks enforcer at his courtside seat. Now, he finds himself in somewhat a similar situation with the retired power forward.

Spike Lee intended to watch the Knicks take on the Houston Rockets in his usual courtside seat. However, in what became a major shock to him, Garden officials denied him access for apparently using the wrong entrance. In a viral video, Lee was heard saying “You want to arrest me like Charles Oakley?”

The Oscar award-winning film-maker went on to explain his side on the incident on ESPN’s First Take. He said that he never received any warnings or advisories that he could no longer use the employee entrance he had been using over his nearly three decade run as an avid Knicks fan. The Knicks, meanwhile, released a statement saying that they already informed Lee to use a different entrance.

The Knicks have been a walking disaster under James Dolan’s watch. Not only is their team an embarrassment, the way he treats fans, especially such a die-hard one as Spike Lee, is very questionable to say the least.