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Knicks say no to reuniting with Isiah Thomas

With the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson having gotten off each other’s faces, the direction the ball club is headed became even blurrier. What’s clear, at least for now, though is that team owner James Dolan isn’t entertaining the idea of the Knicks going through another Isiah Thomas regime.

Per Marc Berman of the New York Post:

The Post also learned Liberty president Isiah Thomas would not be considered for Jackson’s successor.

Thomas’ post-playing career has been tattered with failures. From coaching the early 2000’s Indiana Pacers to a series of first-round playoff exits to calling the shots for Florida International University with which he had a 26-65 record over three harrowing seasons to facilitating the demise of the Continental Basketball Association, Thomas’ mess ups are well-documented.

Perhaps all the Knicks need to know to avoid Thomas was the way he handled the team as President of Basketball Operations and as coach. Needless to say, that marriage between the Knicks and Thomas resulted in one of the most forgettable era in New York sports

Dolan isn’t the best of owners when it comes to making sound decisions, however, so any chance of him getting the services of Thomas again shouldn’t be absolutely dismissed. For the meantime, the search for the next man to run the show in the Big Apple continues.