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Knicks will pitch Kevin Durant into move in 2019

Kevin Durant, Warriors, Knicks

Kevin Durant remains an intriguing future free agency chip after signing another one-and-one deal with the Golden State Warriors this summer.

The New York Knicks could make a pitch to Durant, who could consider playing at The Mecca of basketball due to his relationship with business manager Rich Kleiman, a New York native, and with general manager Scott Perry, a former Seattle SuperSonics executive who helped draft Durant with the second overall pick in 2007, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

“New York will obviously have company pitching Durant, if he hears pitches. (Golden State’s new arena doesn’t open until the 2019-20 season; who could blame Durant for wanting to play in it?) Those suitors will bring track records of basic competency the Dolan-era Knicks have rarely achieved.

But New York will try.”

The Knicks have been far from relevant when it comes to hardware, and their storied maligned management is something that has stuck with most big-time free agents, refusing to sign with the team.

Perry and president Steve Mills are on their way to re-shaping the franchise’s image, but it’s tough to say that a year’s worth of good management would override the decades of mediocrity the city of New York has seen from the orange-and-blue.

Durant has left a team before and he could do so again, as these one-and-one deals are meant to give a player the ultimate flexibility to cash in the right offer.

If New York can make an impressive pitch, maybe Durant could choose to come and make a team his own once again, the same way Kyrie Irving did last offseason.