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Recent Knicks players want Manhattan practice facility rather than front office change

Julius Randle, Carmelo Anthony

According to the latest rumors involving the New York Knicks, its players reportedly want a Manhattan practice facility rather than a front-office change.

The rumor mushroomed after news came out that revealed Kevin Durant supposedly chose the Brooklyn Nets over the Knicks because of former’s practice facility.

Veteran forward Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Lakers, shared his thoughts on the practice facility of the Nets in comparison to the Knicks. To recall, Dudley spent the 2018-19 season donning the Nets jersey. According to Dudley, the Knicks’ facility in Westchester County isn’t accessible to its players as it is 30 miles away from Madison Square Garden. During the rush hour, travel time could reach an hour. While the Barclays Center — home of the Nets — is just two minutes away from the practice facility.

“I’d get rid of that practice facility in Westchester,” Dudley told The Athletic. “Nobody wants to live there, nobody wants to commute there. You have to get as close to the city as possible. That’s why Brooklyn got Kevin Durant. I told DeAndre Jordan who told Kevin Durant that the [Nets’] practice facility is two minutes from [Barclays Center]. They didn’t even know that. I lived in the city. It took me 12 minutes to get to the practice facility.”

True or not, the rumor certainly reveals some of the things that players prioritize. Since they spend most of their time in the practice facility, it makes sense if they would prefer that its located in an accessible and safe place.