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Kobe Bryant’s efforts to grow women’s hoops inspired Stephen Curry

Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Sabrina Ionescu

With the one-year anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death on Tuesday, athletes across the world are speaking out on the legendary basketball star. While commemorating Bryant’s legacy, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors shared how Bryant’s efforts to grow the WNBA and women’s hoops in general inspired him.

Via Sports Illustrated’s Howard Beck:

“The fact that you have a guy like Kob, that was lending his platform, his voice, resources, his time to champion the women’s game, that obviously is a huge encouragement to continue that mission,” says Curry, who says his efforts were partially inspired by Bryant’s. “A lot of people really appreciate it more because of how Kobe celebrated and supported the game while he was here.”

Curry, who is a girl dad himself to Riley, wants to make a difference in youth sports moving forward. The All-Star point guard wants to use his platform to raise awareness in women’s sports and youth sports around the globe.

Before Kobe Bryant passed away, he constantly advocated for women’s sports, going to multiple events with his daughter Gianna. As a result, the WNBA created an award in Kobe and Gianna’s name to highlight those that bring awareness to women’s basketball.

There’s no doubt that there is a ton of progress to be made to bring attention to women’s sports right now. And while Bryant sadly isn’t here to continue his contributions to shedding light on women’s sports, athletes like Curry are prepared to instill their efforts in creating change.

The Warriors star is mentoring WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu, who was very close to Kobe and is still close with the Bryant family:

“The way that she emulated Kob, in terms of how she approached the game, and her killer instinct and attitude, and just how he resonated with her, and obviously her growing up out here in the Bay and watching me play, there’s definitely a connection there,” Curry says. “It’s pretty awesome to know that, obviously, after his tragic death, that that connection grew even stronger with me and her, just in terms of the opportunity to take what Kob was doing and what his legacy will continue to do in the women’s game and carry that torch.”

It’s great to see Steph continuing Kobe Bryant’s efforts.