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Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend: Marlene Wilkerson

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets is a flat-out baller — on and off the court. We all know his exploits as a basketball player, but he also has an interesting resume when it comes to women. As far as our research could tell, Irving is in some degree of relationship with Marlene Wilkerson. In this piece, we will take a deep dive into the life of the significant other of one of the most captivating NBA players today. Ladies and gentlemen, Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend.

Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend: Marlene Wilkerson

Although Kyrie Irving has made quite a number of wild claims about things pertaining to science, we’re pretty sure that the former Duke Blue Devils star believes in romance.

Like most rich and famous pro athletes, Irving has been in multiple relationships, TMZ each treated as fodder. But of them all, it appears that Marlene Wilkerson is the one Irving has taken seriously the most. After all, she’s the only one who got an engagement ring from him. 

But we’ll circle back to that later once we’ve beefed up this piece with more interesting stories about the two. Just think of this as the romantic equivalent of a beautiful Kyrie Irving layup at the end of a series of flashy crossovers and breathtakingly insane hangtime. We have to know how he got from point A to B with regard to his relationship with Marlene.

The two were first seen publicly together in 2018 when they attended Kyrie’s Invitational, according to Sports Gossip. If we’re going to bookmark the start of their relationship, it’s got to be in this one.

“Kyrie Irving and his new girlfriend Golden were spotted together at Kyrie’s Invitational last week.  Earlier on Monday we received a tip that the Celtics star was seeing someone new.  Now we have pictures of the two from Irving’s Invitational.”

Of course, getting seen with an athlete of Kyrie’s fame had people making Google engineers shake in fear by trying to overload the search engine with their curiosity focused on finding out who exactly Marlene Wilkerson is. If you’re still not familiar with her, let me just crack these knuckles before banging on the keyboard a short background on the persona also known as Golden.

Wilkerson, who was born in 1993, is an Instagram model with quite a large following. As of June 2021, she has 402,000 followers on IG. She has even larger patronage on YouTube, where she currently has a total of 770,000 subscribers. Wilkerson has clearly built a niche of her own with a completely different target audience than Irving, as she is into fashion and lifestyle, though being in the baller’s circle surely is giving her social media numbers quite a boost. 

It also appears that Marlene Wilkerson must have met Kyrie way before they became an item, per Pop Culture.

“Wilkerson has a history of dating athletes. Before connecting with Irving, Wilkerson was linked to soccer star Layvin Kurzawa. She also dated Dexter Strickland, who played basketball with Irving while attending St. Patrick High School.”

Marlene Wilkerson is not yet married to Kyrie, but the two are expecting a child. Right now, it’s probably best to consider Marlene as Kyrie’s fiancee. That being said, a few social media sleuths believe that the two are no longer together. Case in point: Marlene and Kyrie have stopped following each other on Instagram. You would even hardly find any trace of Kyrie Irving on Marlene’s Instagram account

We will give you five minutes to visit her IG account and check for yourself if you could detect any hint of Irving on her posted pictures.


Ok, let’s get back to the topic.

Not all relationship statuses should be defined by social media, because if it does, you would be led to believe that Derek Jeter is a lonely dude, which is the furthest thing you could say about the New York Yankees legend. 

Remember the engagement ring we mentioned earlier? Marlene is no longer sporting it, as you could tell from her most recent IG posts. That ring was given to her by Kyrie back in 2019.

But before you say it’s over between the two of them, you have to consider the scoop of reporter Pat Ragazzo about the reason why Irving was not with the Nets during a road trip late back in March.

“Source: I’m being told #Nets guard Kyrie Irving and his fiancé are having a baby and that’s why he did not travel with the team on their west coast trip  The expectation is that he will miss 1-3 more contests for Brooklyn.”

Here’s to hoping that Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson will have many golden years ahead of them.